Pauline's narrow, elongated space had to be designed in such a way that both barista and patron had comfort and free movement. We had the difficult task of creating a minimalist interior that retained its warmth, which is one of the fundamental principles of our design process. We achieved this by working with three materials: two of which were warm, and one austere. Sisal (Agave Sisalana) is a natural, sustainable fibre from the Agave plant which we used on the verticals as opposed to the commonly used floor application. The vast scale in which the sisal was used emotes a natural organic harmony that brings stillness to the space, allowing one to pause. Timber in the floors, shelving and cabinetry was used to showcase the beauty in nature’s imperfections. Finally, we used Corian, mostly due to its practicality in high-traffic areas. Its ability to bend and mould allows for seamless counter surfaces with no join lines. The result is a timeless interior that balances functionality, practicality and, of course, mood.